CineFix 8-Bit Intro for Valiant’s Unity #1 Coming in November 2013

Valiant Entertainment will release 8-bit variant covers of all their current titles during October 2013. They won’t stop there though! They’ve teamed up with CineFix to create a Super Mario Bros inspired introduction to Unity #1, written by Matt Kindt and artist Doug Braithwaite, coming in November 2013 by Valiant Comics.

It’s a well established gimmick in the comic industry to come up with variant covers to increase comic sales. For those not in the know, a variant cover refers to a comic books printed with multiple unique covers, with a focus on taking advantage of the uber-fans completest consumer habits.

This was an especially absurd practice in the speculative boom of the 90s, and it ultimately crashed the industry for some time. The practice went away during the healing years, but despite the negative commentary regarding the practice, variant covers are making a comeback.

What Valiant offers, though, is an enhanced experience. Whereas other comic publishers are sticking the the same tactics, Valiant is thinking outside-of-the-box. They already came up with the “first speaking comic covers” in February 2012 using QR codes.

This time they’re offering this fun 8-bit cinematic summarizing previous events in a creative and entertaining way. Granted, the issue didn’t have to be purchased to watch what they came up with, but I’ll be damned if they haven’t already taken my money.

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