Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, by “Glove and Boots” Puppets Webseries

The Monomyth, or The Hero’s Journey, is Joseph Campbell’s theory that all great stories follow specific conventions in regards to character archetypes. This is a remarkable video by web series “Glove and Boots“, which uses puppets to present a summary of the seven character archetypes of The Monomyth… and even applies the theory to the Adam Sandler movie, “Happy Gilmore”.

If you’re a writer who doesn’t know about The Monomyth, you really should take some time to research it. Here, I’ll give you a cheat: Monomyth on Wikipedia.

My research into The Monomyth was fuelled by comparing elements in the theory against ideas presented in Blake Snyder’s “Save the Cat”, a book about effective Hollywood scriptwriting, from loglines, to story beats, to character archetypes, to everything you’ll ever need… trust me. It’ll affect the way you think about story structure, in general. Immediately. It’s brilliant. Just read it.

Glove and Boots: YouTube | Facebook

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