The Animated Pixel Art of Waneella

Pixel art. There are plenty of clean pixel art creations out there, ranging from character sprites to computer icons. But there’s something about Waneella’s pixel art that elevates it past its roots.

Visually, Waneella’s animated pixel art is an intentional retro callback to video games made in the 80s and early 90s. Conceptually, the images honor a time past; these images are a love letter to past days, when imagination was encouraged, respected, and rewarded. With modern video games delivering hyper-real characters and environments, I feel that this form of escapism has lost much of its magic.

Waneella’s pixel art allows those memories to resurface. The images of long-legged adventurers are animated just enough to bring them to life. The science fiction and fantasy worlds these characters live in, offer just enough visual cues, to send a viewer’s imagination into those realities.

At least they did for me.

You can see more pixel art on Waneella’s Tumblr blog.

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    […] Although little information about artist Waneella is available, one blogger has opined: […]

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